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Elmarco Martiens


Arno Du Toit

Vice Chair

Elisma September


Nataly Du Toit


Our Founder and Managing director

Ulrich is living out his divine purpose every day to heal the wounds of his past and to change the future of others. His passion to change the lives of the men and youth in his community drew him closer to Heartlines. Heartlines is a social and behavioural change organisation that encourages people to live out positive values.

The Heartline projects Ulrich holds dear to his heart is:

Father’s Matter – A project that supports the positive role of men in the lives of children, and

What’s your story? – A project to promote understanding, cohesion, trust and reconciliation through story-sharing.

Values and Money – Attitudes and behaviours around money are at the heart of many of our problems. We tackle this from a values perspective.

In 2017 Ulrich went into full-time ministry and established Networking for Christ, a non-profitable organisation that teaches prisoners life skills runs an after-care programme that assists prisoners, families and communities with reintegration.  Together with his colleagues, they wrote an accredited 16-week curriculum that tackles gender-based violence and victim empowerment.

Ulrich, a man with a vision, given by God with a profound passion for the men and youth of society, commits himself daily to live out his divine purpose through Networking of Christ to be an extension of the body of Christ.

Our Western Cape Team


Social Worker

Avril Louw

Social Worker


Social Auxiliary worker



Jade Adams


Chante Martinus

Social Auxiliary worker

Egrim Franse

Social Auxiliary worker

Godwin Mentoor

Financial Officer / Facilitator

Oneal Fransman

Community Development Officer / Facilitator

Jemiama-Lee April


Lungile Margaret Rantsane


Lorenzo Albertus


Our Eastern Cape Team

Natoline Taker

Social Auxiliary Worker

Celeste Goliath

Office Administrator / Facilitator

Janice Lawack


Our Volunteers

The people who dedicate and volunteer their time and services to make a difference.

In the core of every family and team is the essential value of trust and truth.

Frederick Green


Nuraan Isaacs


Nashline Van Wyk


Ruth Van Rooi


Maroliza Wessels


Celine Jetaime


"I’m always amazed to experience the power of restorative justice and the process of people becoming whole again."

"Passionate about people and the restoration of relationships"

"Helping, caring and giving yourself will change the world around you and also yourself."

"Friendliness and a smile make even the hardest days easier and brighten up a burdened heart."

"Applying myself is a gift to the world."

"A team need players and supporters… My goal is to embody that roles."


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