Programmes & Services

“Reunifying and Functionality of families strutures”

Gender-Based Violence & Victim Empowerment

Restorative Services is the directive for our Gender-Based Violence and Crime Prevention programs.

The purpose is to provide comprehensive specialist social services to vulnerable groups through social protection, social investment and social cohesion programs in partnership with stakeholders. While doing this, we partner with the South African Police Services to assist victims of Gender-based violence or crime.

Crime Prevention

Prison Ministry



Family Outreach and Integration

Prevention & Early Intervention

Youth Mentoring

Youth in Conflict with the Law

Family Outreach and intervention, therapeutic and counselling, life skills, aftercare

School curriculum

School-based program – prevention & an early intervention (Life skills program) has to do with GBV, teenage pregnancy, gang awareness and substance abuse, career choices, bullying, behaviour modification.

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Transitioning from primary to secondary school

  1. Parenting Program
  2. Coping skills mechanism and life skills
  3. Holiday Program

Youth Mentoring

The ages of 10 – 24 are critical for human development. It is the period where young people seek ways to meet their physical, material, emotional, mental and spiritual needs and to build the competencies and connections they perceive as necessary for their growth and development.

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Youth mentoring program contains the following:-

  1. Chosen
  2. Identity
  3. Values and Choices
  4. Influence vs Position
  5. Promoting others
  6. Purpose
  7. Group vs Team
  8. Strategy
  9. Belonging
  10. Disappointments
  11. Challenges
  12. Passing it on
  13. Anger Management

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