NFC Team

Our Team is energetic and passionate about what we do. Efficiency is the main goal of the group.

Being in the people business it is important to have a team who understand the importance of relationships and embodies the core values of family, community, trust and love. 

Ulrich Lottering
Managing Director

Passionate about people and the restoration of relationships.

Audrey Abrahams
Social Worker

I’m always amazed to experience the power of restorative justice and the process of people becoming whole again.

Salomie Johannes
Social Auxiliary Worker

Helping, caring and giving yourself will change the world around you and also yourself.

Fredrick Green
Reintegration Officer

In the core of every family and team is the essential value of trust and truth.

Francis Solomons
Office Administrator

Friendliness and a smile make even the hardest days easier and the brighten up a burdened heart.

Jade Adams

Applying myself is a gift to the world.

Chante Marthinus

My strength is locked up in quietness and understanding and the ability to listen deeply.

Egrim Franse

A team need players and supporters… My goal is to embody that roles.


25 Tarentaal street, Wellington, South Africa

+27 67 849 2536

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08:00 - 17:00 Monday - Thursday
08:00 - 16:00 Fridays
Closed - Saturdays & Sundays

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Acc number : 117 634 6296
Br code:198765
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