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Networking for Christ SA is a non-profitable organization based in Wellington. We are currently operational in the Cape Winelands region, running three programs, namely Youth Development, Prison ministry and Aftercare for Post and Pre-release offenders.

Networking for Christ South Africa is a story of Faith. We started this arm of ministry as an extension  of the body of Christ. And focus on empowerment and the development of systems and structure to uplift and inject hope in communities and families. As a non-profitable organisation our aim is to empower and , support and connect people and groups in a unique South African context. With a strong emphasise on the youth and men.

As a non-profitable organisation our aim is to empower and , support and connect people and groups in a unique South African context. With a strong emphasise on the youth and men.

Programs & Services

Prison Ministry

The five prisons in Drakenstein host 6500 inmates per year. Many of whom never participate in any correctional and rehabilitation programs which means they return to general society the same or even worse off to when they were imprisoned. For NFCSA this is a great concern, because little are being done to assist inmates. Inmates fall easily back to their old habits and it’s not long they find their way back in prisons. We conduct Prison ministry programs every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and every second Sunday at Hawequa Correctional Centre. Once a month we conduct a Church service at Drakenstein Prison. We have also started a music program to assist with the rehabilitation process.​


Aftercare and reunification services are mandatory services that complete the cycle of care and protection services to all people. Any intervention given to an individual must ensure that the family dynamics is strong and support the family to withstand either the removal or return of the family member, and support the family to become functional once again. The strength based approach is an empowerment process which seeks to identify, use, build and reinforce the strength and abilities that they already have. Our Reintegration and aftercare service focus on strengthening the spiritual, social, educational and economic wellbeing of individuals, families and communities.


When inmates are released there is no support system to help them to further development and to explore other opportunities.
Aftercare and Reintegration is very important to further rehabilitation of inmates and the effective integration in general society after being released.
The current support systems are over stressed and not always effective in implementing sustainable programs. We see a program that will offer temporary accommodation, skills workshops, restorative justice and frequent fellowship session to further develop and rehabilitate the individual that will bring hope and a sense of purpose so that he/she can live an abundant life.

Youth Development

Youth development is a process which starts with conception and involves young people successfully making a series of transitions into adulthood. Positive youth development is shaped by the ‘big picture’ of where young people come from and what influences their world. The values in a society and community along with the institutions, organizations and media often determine the context in which communities, families and young people live and develop and what they consider to be important.

As a NPO we strongly rely on donations.
You make a difference here.

Our Story

We have launched the Social Crime Prevention project in April 2018.The project will assist exoffenders to be successfully reintegrated into society. 

The project will help the ex-offenders with a support network such as:


Family support services


Therapeutic & Counseling service




Spiritual Care


Youth Mentoring


Skills Development


Educational-Psychological Counsellor


Social Club


Faith Based Support


Substance Abuse Service


Other support networks based on the needs of the ex-offenders.

We are focusing on six pillars mentioned below. The ages from 10 – 24 are critical for human development. It is the period where young people seek ways to meet their physical, material, emotional, mental and spiritual needs and to build the competencies and connections they perceive as necessary for their growth and development.

How this process occurs is too important to be left to chance. There is little systematic, coherent and reliable support for youth who are not part of a network of families, friends and community. Consequently, this process occurs without the necessary services, support and opportunities to guide their development in a positive manner.


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