Money Donation

If you would like to discuss debit orders or other ways of donating contact Ulrich at +27 78 169 7005 or by Email.

Make a direct payment here:

Networking for Christ

Account number : 117 634 6296
Branch code: 198765
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Corporate Donations

NFCSA has section 18A donor deductibility status for South African taxpayers.

Donors to NFCSA (individuals and organisations) will be permitted to deduct the value of all donations from their taxable income.

A donation will be deductible if the donation is supported by a donation certificate (which NFCSA will provide on request); and does not exceed 10 percent of the taxable income of the taxpayer calculated allowing any deduction under section 18A

Donate towards Projects

You can also make small contributions that will go directly to people in need. Any one these, items is welcome.

Volunteer your time

You can volunteer your time, skills or support us on projects. We will add you to our list of Volunteers and help. Please send us an email and specify what kind of contribution you can make.

You can also make small contributions that will go directly to people in need.

Any one of these items is welcome:


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Networking For Christ


Acc number : 117 634 6296
Br code:198765
Current acc

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