Networking for Christ

Youth Development

Prison ministry

Aftercare for Post & Pre-release offenders

Our Vision

Reunification and functionality of family structures

Our Mission

To reintegrate youth in conflict with the law, youth at risk, parolees and ex-offenders, successfully into society.

About Us

Our story is that of faith and we started this arm of ministry as an extension of the body of Christ.

Networking for Christ

Established in 2017, a non-profitable organization based in Wellington with a branch in Clarkson in the Eastern Cape and fully operational in the Cape Winelands municipality district in the Western Cape as well as the Kouga and Kou Kamma municipalities in the Eastern Cape.

Programes & Services

Gender based violence and Victim empowerment

Get in Touch & Get Involved

021 007 0686

Whatsapp - 067 849 2536


Corner of Champaign and
Malva Street, Wellington, 7655


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